Symposium 9

High Pressure Earth and Planetary Science

Studies of materials under extreme conditions have greatly advanced our understanding of Earth and planetary interiors. The focus of this session is to discuss new results from such studies and their implications to understanding structure, composition, dynamics and evolution of Earth and planetary interior. Both experimental and theoretical/computational developments are welcome to the symposium.

Topics of this symposium include (but not limited to) the following properties of Earth’s and planetary materials:

 - Phase transition
 - Crystal structure
 - Elastic property
 - Sound velocity
 - Strength
 - Rheological property
 - Microstructure
 - Melt property
 - Cation/volatile partitioning
 - Electrical and other transport properties

Symposium organizers:

Jiuhua Chen,
Florida International University, Miami
E-mail: [email protected]

Surendra Saxena,
Florida International University, Miami
E-mail: [email protected]