Symposium 4

Quantum emergent matters: materials & phenomena driven via extreme conditions

The quantum emergent matters cover a broad range of research topics including superconductivity, topological ordered phases, Hall effects, multiferroics, spintronics, diluted magnetic semiconductor, extended solids, high energetic materials etc.  They are primarily the emergent phenomena related to multiple interactions among charge, spin, orbital of electrons coupled with phonons of lattice. The extreme conditions such as pressures, temperatures, or magnetic fields are the most effective driven forces to tune the novel states of quantum emergent matters. This symposium will focus on effects of extreme conditions on those rapidly developing frontiers of quantum emergent matters.

Topics to be covered by the symposium:

 - Mott Materials & Physics;
 - Spin Orbital Coupling;
 - Superconductivity;
 - Spintronics;
 - Quantum Condensation;
 - Quantum Hall Effects;
 - Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors;
 - Topological Ordered Materials & Phenomena;
 - Quantum Critical Transitions,
 - Extended Solid Matters

Symposium organizers:

Changqing JIN
Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhongguancun South Str 3 number 8, Beijing 100190, China
E-mail: [email protected]