Thank you for coming and see you to SMEC2021!


About the meeting

The 10th meeting of the SMEC series, to be held during March 30 - April 06, 2019, is expected to be an ideal platform to discuss and promote interdisciplinary research in the fields of high pressure physics, geophysics, solid state physics and chemistry and materials science.

The scientific sessions will take place during March 31- April 5. The meeting opening is expected to be on March 30 followed by registration on March 30, 2019 at 17:00.

The meeting will be held in the conference space of the 'Celebrity Equinox' cruise ship sailing from Miami to East Caribbean and return to Miami.


Meeting topics

The conference will cover interdisciplinary experimental and theoretical topics in the following areas:

  • High pressure mineral physics and chemistry
  • High pressure research on energy materials
  • High pressure physics at the nanoscale
  • Computational materials science at high pressure
  • Spectyroscopy of materials at high pressure
  • Strong electronic correlations under extreme conditions
  • Superconductors and related materials
  • Quantum functional materials at high pressure
  • 2D materials and related functional systems
  • Emerging Spin-orbit coupled materials
  • Dynamical stability of materials at high pressure
  • Hydrogen and hydrides
  • Geomaterials at environmental conditions

Organizing Committee

  • Naurang Saini | Physics Sapienza University of Rome
  • Richard G. Hennig | Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida.
  • James Hamlin | Department of Physics University of Florida.
  • Arun Bansil | Department of Physics Northeastern University.
  • Jiuhua Chen | CeSMEC Florida International University.

Meeting advisor

  • Surendra Saxena | Emeritus Florida International University.